Customize settings

Show Photos

The Show recipe photos setting determines whether photos are shown in the recipe list views.

Default Category

The Default category setting determines the default category of new recipes that you add or import. Changing this setting only affects recipes you start to add after changing the setting, and you can always change the category on a per-recipe basis.

Include ingredient quantities

The Include ingredient quantities setting lets you choose whether to include an ingredient, its quantity, and its unit of measure or just the ingredient name when adding ingredients to your shopping list. This setting is used both when adding all recipe ingredients to the shopping list and when adding individual ingredients.




Easily import recipes from the web

The easiest way to add a recipe to Loafer is to import it. Tap the + button at the top right and choose “Import”. Paste the web address of a recipe in the Recipe URL field, tap the Preview button, and Loafer will do its best to import it.

Loafer will show you the results and let you make any changes or corrections before adding the recipe. If Loafer isn’t importing a recipe from a website, please contact us and we’ll add support for that website.

Add Manually

For more control over the contents of the recipe you’re adding, tap the + button and choose “Manually”. 

Loafer will guide you through all the steps to add your recipe, everything from the name and description, to ingredients, steps, timers, and more.